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Patents of those pharmaceutical drugs expire in 2013

Patents of those pharmaceutical drugs expire in 2013

Publish date: 2012-11-13

In 2013, many drugs lose their patents claims, which will result in the confusion on the market of drugmakers. According to EvaluatPharma estimations, pharmaceutical companies will not only lose the market exclusivity on their top selling drug, but also suffer from tremendous decrease of their incomes in the range of 290 billion dollars.

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In 2013, patents will expire on drugs that are having the sales of almost 29 billion annually.
It is expected that more than 70% of the income will be dedicated to the generics industry.
One of the “victims” of this situation is Sanofi, which loses patent protection for three drugs including their biggest selling a blood thinner drug – Plavix, which sales will drop by 70%.

Though, every cloud has a silver lining. According to the head research of EvaluatePharma Anthony Raeside: “The patent loss is generally regarded as something bad. However, it may result beneficial to numerous companies that can cast off the yoke of big pharmaceutical potentates”. Other question is if the companies will take advantage from that situation. Too often overconfident companies instead of dropping the price increase them. More than once such actions have already ended with effects different than intended causing huge money leaks instead of the expected tremendous incomes.

Despite companies’ claims of achieving spectacular R&D success, the reality is that they do not know how to do so. Results from the last decade clearly indicate that the industry squandered almost one trillion dollars only on research and development producing poor, if any, results.
Moreover, employees themselves are putting the company in great debt, which may be illustrated by the example of AstraZeneca. Their representatives have wasted money on ineffective overseas travels putting their company in financial crisis. 

Following list represents only 15 out of 120, which patents expire in 2013:


1.     Name of drug: Cymbalta - depression drug

Active substance: duloxetine

Company:Eli Lilly

Patent expiration date:11.12.2013

Estimated global sale in 2012:$4.9 billion


2.     Name of drug: Avones - multiple sclerosis treatment

Active substance: Interferon beta-1a

Company:Biogen Idec

Patent expiration date:31.12.2013

Estimated global sale in 2012:$2.9 billion


3.     Name of drug: Humalog - first insulin analogue drug

Active substance: Insulin lispro

Company:Eli Lilly

Patent expiration date:07.05.2013

Estimated global sale in 2012:$2.52 billion


4.     Name of drug: OxyContin – opioid painkiller

Active substance: oxycodone

Company:Purdue Pharma

Patent expiration date:31.08.2013

Estimated global sale in 2012:$2.35 billion


5.     Name of drug: Rebif - multiple sclerosis treatment drug

Active substance: Interferon beta-1a

Company:Merck KGaA

Patent expiration date:31.12.2013

Estimated global sale in 2012:$2.3 billion


6.     Name of drug: Aciphex – heartburn medication

Active substance: Rabeprazole

Company:Eisai, Johnson & Johnson

Patent expiration date:08.05.2013

Estimated global sale in 2012:$1.93 billion


7.     Name of drug: Xeloda – anti breast and colorectal cancers drug

Active substance: Capecitabin


Patent expiration date:14.12.2013

Estimated global sale in 2012:$1.62 billion


8.     Name of drug: Procrit –anemia treatment

Active substance: human erythropoietin

Company:Johnson & Johnson

Patent expiration date:20.08.2013

Estimated global sale in 2012:$1.41 billion


9.     Name of drug: Neupogen – cancer treatment

Active substance: Filgrastim

Company:Amgen, Kirin, Roche, Royalty Pharma

Patent expiration date:Roche, Royalty Pharma-12.03.2013|Amgen, Kirin-12.12. 2013

Estimated global sale in 2012:$1.29billion


10.  Name of drug:Zometa –breast cancer traetment

Active substance: Zoledronic Acid


Patent expiration date:02.03.2013

Estimated global sale in 2012:$1.26 billion


11.  Name of drug:Lidoderm –pain-relieving patch

Active substance: Lidocaine patch

Company:Endo Health Solutions/ EpiCept

Patent expiration date:15.09.2013

Estimated global sale in 2012:$918 million


12.  Name of drug:Temodar –brain cancer treatment

Active substance: Temozolomide

Company:Merck /Bayer

Patent expiration date:31.08.2013

Estimated global sale in 2012:$882million


13.  Name of drug:Asacol –ulcerative colitis drug

Active substance: Mesalamine

Company:Warner Chilcott,UCB, Zeria Pharmaceutical

Patent expiration date:30.07.2013

Estimated global sale in 2012:$891 million


14.  Name of drug:Niaspan –cholesterol drug

Active substance: Niacin

Company:Abbott Laboratories, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

Patent expiration date:20.09.2013

Estimated global sale in 2012:$835 million


15.  Name of drug:Reclast –bisphosphonate

Active substance: Zoledronic acid


Patent expiration date:02.03.2013

Estimated global sale in 2012:$612 million



Małgorzata Woźniak, translation: Jacek Plewka


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it's not Avones, it's Avonex!
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