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Genetic testing services for common as well as rare hereditary disorders


Asper Biotech develops genetic tests based on a set of genetic markers selected to be most suitable for your research project or medical diagnostics application.

Our experienced scientific team selects the most appropriate technology based on the number of SNPs and samples to be analyzed, among other criteria. Asper Biotech assigns a personal project manager, who is available for the customer throughout the project.

Genetic tests can be developed for various species for which the complete genomic sequence is available.

Our technology of choice, arrayed primer extension, is capable of detecting different types of genetic variations. Other platforms and technologies such as Illumina, sequencing, and restriction enzyme digestions are also available.

There is no requirement to analyze all the samples of the project at once; the developed and validated test will be stored at Asper Biotech for up to 18 months from the arrival of the last batch of DNA samples.

Asper Biotech cost-effectively updates existing tests as often as required by the customer within a short time-frame. Asper Biotech’s clinical personnel offer interpretation for an increasing number of genetic tests.

Asper Biotechs testing services are classified into three testing portfolios: Asper Ophthalmics includes a panel of tests targeting hereditary eye disorders; Asper Oncogenetics provides tests to determine predisposition to various cancers; and Asper Reprogenetics is specialized in reproduction problems and prenatal diagnostics.


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