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ATG:biosynthetics GmbH

Weberstrasse 40
79249 Merzhausen
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ATG:biosynthetics GmbH

Artificial and Technical Genetics”: this is what the term ATG in the company name stands for. ATG is located in Merzhausen (South-West Germany) right next to Freiburg im Breisgau and close to France (Strasbourg, Colmar) and Switzerland (Basel, Zürich).

Our agenda

ATG:biosynthetics GmbH (ATG) is

(1) all about gene function. We provide our customers with synthetic genes with the maximum functional impact. Many scientists who have deployed ATG genes very successfully can testify to this.

(2) For the optimum of formal-operational gene environments, ATG offers ACEMBL - the multiplex molecular integration technology. ACEMBL enables multi-protein expression with functional expression cassettes individually designed for co-expression.

(3) Another objective is applying our established DNA-technology to generate higher order molecular functions. This means novel and artificial gene arrangements based on multi-protein expression for a maximum of functionality.

(4) In addition to ACEMBL we pursue a molecular dissection strategy based on PepID aimed at unraveling minimal molecular function. Once unambiguously shown, this minimal function can again be integrated into higher order function.

From this technological basis we design improved functional impact of gene products - RNA, structural proteins and enzymes as well as small organic molecules - towards the intended requirement specifications.

Our strategic interests

ATG is looking for partnerships and outsourcing projects aiming at developing and marketing of high-potential applications in creating DNA- and protein based vaccines of high efficiency. This platform is presently being developed in our business unit Imophoron.

Our portfolio

ATG presently owns the intellectual property rights for the technologies of PepID - bioPeptides and ACEMBL multiplex gene assembly. In addition, the evoMAG - software tool (evolution makes artificial genomes as well as minimal artificial genetics) underwent development and continuous refinement throughout the last five years, directly reflecting the needs of customers from all segments of the pharma- and biotech industry as well as from basic research who inquired for gene optimization.

ATG is especially strong in synthetic bioinformatics for the design and multi-parametric divergent targeted calculation of gene sequence feature compromises for improving gene function. In the end, all biological design is implemented at the genetic level. Therefore the BioDesigner - Software Package is an integrated tool for all the sequence modulations possible.