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Laboratory and pilot scale bioreactors. The control of biotechnology and other industrial processes


We offer:  Laboratory bioreactors and pilot scale bioreactors (till 3000 liters); Bioprocess controllers; Modernization the second hand bioreactors; Customer specialized industrial process automation; The automated units for the cleaning in the place (CIP); The mixers with magnetic coupling for laboratory and pilot bioreactors; Research and development of bioengineering innovative approaches.

Fig 1. Laboratory bioreactor

Fig 2. Bioengineering research based on fermentations in our laboratory

Fig. 3 Bioprocess controllers BIO-3

Fig. 4 CIP automatic systems

Fig. 5 Bioreactor line (30, 100, 1000 liters) for production of substances

Fig. 6 Industrial process automation

Fig. 7 Industrial process automation

Fig. 8 Pilot scale bioreactors

Fig. 9 Renovation of second-hand bioreactors

Fig. 10 SCADA for bioreactors


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