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BioTest s.r.o.

Pod Zámkem 279
281 25 Konárovice
Czech Republic
main phone: +420 313 129 374
Main fax: +420 313 129 366
Main email:
BioTest s.r.o.


Company overview
BioTest s.r.o. is a GLP-certified preclinical CRO dedicated to preclinical development and toxicology:
Preclinical Rn´D (cardiology, oncology, neurology, diabetes, vaccines), comprehensive program for assessment of pharmaceuticals and biosimilars, food additives (PHARMA), chemical substances and preparations (REACH).
The internationally acknowledged quality of activities and full competitiveness of BioTest s.r.o. is guaranteed by the fact that the company is a holder of certificates of GLP, the results of expert activities are in accordance with the internationally valid standards of OECD, EU, US FDA, US EPA.
Main activities
Preclinical research and development in the field of cardiovascular disorders, oncology, neurodegenertive diseases, diabetes, vaccine development
Comprehensive preclinical and toxicological service for pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, food additives, medical device, (PHARMA), chemical substances and preparations and biocides (REACH)
Animal breeding – accredited breeding facility for rodents, ferrets, dogs, non-human primates
Mission & vision
Our mission is to commit ourselves to help our clients to bring their ideas to market keeping strict compliance with scientific and business ethics
Our goal is to be recognized by clients as the acknowledged and trusted partner in the field of drug development whose strength is strong team of experts, high professional standard, flexibility and strictly individual and friendly approach.
Our values are to strive for operational and service excellence through progress in science and expertise through close collaboration with the scientific community, ensuring quality and continually enhancing client satisfaction with our services.