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Special Animal Models

Czech Republic


Bio Test s.r.o. offers Special Animal Models of the following diseases on the following animals:
  • Diabetes type II model, rhesus monkeys
  • Diabetes type I model, rats
  • Chronic glaucoma model, beagle dogs
  • Rheumatoid arthritis model (AIA), rats
  • Balloon vascular injury model, non human primates
  • Liver ischemia/reperfusion injury model, beagle dogs
  • Experimental infarction model, beagle dogs
  • Chronic traumatic spinal cord injury model, miniature pigs*
  • Hereditary melanoma model, miniature pigs*
  • Acute Huntington disease model, miniature pigs*
* Provided in the cooperation or subcontracted

BioTest s.r.o.

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