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BioVirtus Research Site Sp. z o.o.


Mokra 7
05-830 Kajetany
main phone: +48 22 1010754
Main fax: +48 22 1010756
Main email:
BioVirtus Research Site Sp. z o.o.

BioVirtus Research Site is a privately held company specialized in early-phase clinical trials.
We perform studies in a modern and fully equipped dedicated research facility located in central Poland (European Union). BioVirtus offers comprehensive conduct of phase I, bioequivalence, and bioavailability clinical trials (including first-in-man) for international sponsors and CROs.

BioVirtus provides a broad range of services performed within competitive timelines ranging from
the protocol design, through medical writing, IEC and regulatory submissions, recruitment of subjects and patients, clinical conduct (including medical, laboratory and pharmaceutical procedures), project management, to the final study report preparation

BioVirtus represents the unique combination of in depth expertise in early clinical research, an experienced research team, outstanding subject housing conditions and expedited recruitment capabilities. The synergistic combination results in efficient performance of even the most complex studies and most demanding protocols. All while maintaining the highest regard for the subjects’ safety and quality assurance.


BioVirtus can execute large long-confinement studies with 45 subjects undergoing sequential drug administration, frequent blood samplings, 24-h urine collection,
as well as complex first-in-man, or proof-of-concept studies with constant cardiac monitoring under specialized supervision.


Thanks to a large database of subjects and patients BioVirtus guarantees swift and effective recruitment, screening, and enrolment. We have 30-40 new registrations daily coming from Warsaw and neighbouring towns (2 500 000 residents in total). Standard bioequivalence studies can be completed within one month from the regulatory approval to the last subject out.