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Genomed S.A.

Ponczowa 12
02-971 Warszawa
main phone: +48 (22) 644 60 19
Main fax: +48 (22) 644 60 25
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Genomed S.A.

GENOMED is an innovative Polish company founded by a group of scientists with years of experience and significant achievements in the field of genomics, which have been documented with numerous publications in international journals, including two in Nature. The company founders have been involved in this new research area since its beginnings, starting from the Yeast Genome Sequencing Project, and have simultaneously gained vast experience in commercializing the results of their scientific work. In the years 2000-2007, they developed and ran a core facility specializing in DNA sequencing and synthesis – at the time, the biggest service of this kind in Poland – and finally decided to create a company of their own.

The company develops molecular diagnostics based on DNA sequencing in response to an ever greater demand for a service that enables the application of prophylactics and of treatment such as replacement or gene therapy. The technology that is being developed by Genomed enables us to read and analyze any of the discovered 6 500 genes correlated with congenital diseases. The company can boast genetic analyses of 100 genes responsible for diseases and prepares the methodology necessary for the analysis of mutations in further genes. We are able to analyze gene sequences in search of practically all mutations correlated with congenital diseases. With such a wide offer, our company ranks among the best of the world’s establishments for genetic diagnostics. 

The present-day activities of the company are focused on introducing genomic technology to personalized medicine, a new sector in health care services based on the complete knowledge of the DNA sequence of a patient’s genome – some 6 billion letters of genetic code. Preparing for the commercial analysis of the human genome, the Genomed specialists verified the viability of the data obtained with genome sequencers for diagnostic purposes, by testing their quality, quantity and complexity. To begin the first stage of the realization of the project of the reading and analysis of whole human genomes, Genomed purchased the first GS Junior system in Poland.

Genomed invests the financial means gained as a result of the new emission in the further development and implementation of the most up-to-date genomic technology for the purposes of genetic diagnostics. The individual genome record obtained will serve as the basis for diagnostics, preventive health care as well as for enzyme replacement and gene therapy.