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Genomic sequencing


NextGene Sequencing on MiSeq (Illumina)

Sequencing based on the Truseq technology

One price per run for all applications
3 000,00 EUR + 23% VAT

Price comprises library preparation

Variable read lengths 36 or 2x25-250 nucleotides
Maximum throughput: 2-8 Gigabases, 15-34 mln reads
Indexing up to 96 samples 125,00 EUR +23% VAT
Order processing time: up to 10 working days

Possible applications:
Amplicon sequencing or Multiplexed Amplicon sequencing
Sequencing of bacterial genomes
Small RNA sequencing
Sequencing pools of BACs, cosmids and phages

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of species diversity in environmental samples
Microbial RNA sequencing

Amplicon sequencing or Multiplexed Amplicon sequencing up to 8Gb bases per run with a possibility of barcoding 96 separate samples

Data analysis
An additional data analysis can be ordered: e.g. contig assembling and establishing a consensus
sequence, annotation, qualitative and quantitative species diversity analysis, phylogenetic trees, etc.


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