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High-troughput and single scale DNA Sequencing & Genome analysis


The IIT GmbH GB Biotech has long-time experience in the field of DNA sequencing within the small scale Sanger sequencing (i.e. ABI3730 devices) and in the modern field of high-troughput (HT) sequencing. For HT sequencing we can perform custom sequencing projects with an expert team running the Roche 454 Titanium FLX(+) , the Illumina GA IIx / MiSeq or the IonTorrent PGM.

A lot of major polyomic projects habe been already succesfully finished in cooperation with the CeBiTec department of the university of Bielefeld and with major well known companies from Germany. The IIT Biotech, situated in Bielefeld, Germany, provide services mainly to customers within Europe, but have contacts all over the world.

Our strong emphasis on process research and development for sequencing procedures and software devellopment for sequencing data analysis will provide optimal results for all kind of DNA analysis (including de novo or resequencing of genomes, transcriptomes, metagenomes, exomes and SNP analysis). The IIT bioinformatics services are provided by a group of highly qualified computer scientists. The studies focus on data management for genome and post-genome research projects that require new software solutions for systematic data acquisition, secure data storage of structured information, and high-troughput data analysis.

The IIT Biotech provide the following services:

  • custom single scale (Sanger) DNA sequencing

  • custom DNA services (cloning, libraries, DNA amplification, ...)

  • species identification (16S rDNA analysis)

  • food GMO contaminant analysis

  • de novo genome HT sequencing (Roche 454 GS, IonTorrent PGM)

  • resequencing of genomes (Illumina MiSeq, IonTorrent PGM)

  • metagenome HT sequencing

  • transcriptome HT sequencing

  • exome HT sequencing

  • amplicon / plasmid / fosmid pool HT sequencing

  • bioinformatics services for i.e. genomes, metagenomes, transcriptomes

  • establishing of genome data bases

  • providing servers for external useage 


Institut fuer Innovationstransfer (IIT)

Universitaetsstrasse 25
D-33615 Bielefeld Germany