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Expertise at chemical safety



We are certified to:

  • Act as national authority on behalf of the Ministry of Economy(MG) at testing, classification, and certification of dangerous goods to road and railway transportation (MG decision No. 1 from 2002 and No. 8 from 2004); and we are notified as the Polish Authority to the Secretariat UN ECE according the rule 1.8.4 ADR;
  • Evaluation of fulfilling technical conditions to right activity with toxic chemical substances and their precursors (Authorized by MG, decision from 30 January 2002);
  • Co-operation with the Chemical Substances Inspector on risk assessment including the physicochemical properties of dangerous substances and chemical mixtures. Recommendation of MG based on Ministry of Health decision from 2001);
  • Co-operation with the Chemical Substances Inspector on risk assessment of chemical substances to human health. Recommendation of MG based on Ministry of Health decision from 2001).

We identify hazards using OECD methods according GLP (WE 440/2008 decision) and UN methods (ADR European Treaty and WE 1272/2008 decision) in the Laboratory of Dangerous Properties of Material (LDPM) for:

  • Explosives, especially rocket fuels, gunpowders and explosive substances and mixtures;
  • Substances and mixtures with flammable and pyrophoric properties sensitive to self-heating,  violently reacting with water, oxidizing, easy to decompose or uncontrolled polymerization;
  • Products easy create static electricity charges.

Methods used in the study are certified by Polish Accreditation Centre, moreover LDPM is one of 12 Laboratories mentioned on the list of UN Expert Committee of Dangerous GoodsTransportation, the list of the elite laboratories is published in Annex 4 of UN Manual of Tests an Criteria.

At GLP certified laboratories of IPO Pszczyna Division, we evaluate with OECD methods (WE 440/2008 decision) hazards created by:

  • toxic substances and mixtures ,
  • ecotoxic substances and mixtures.

Moreover we conduct complex biological study, including biodegrability of substances and

We perform:

  • Risk assessment of production, storage, transport, use and trade of chemical substances and mixtures;
  • Classification of dangerous goods for transport according ADR AND RID rules based on research results in our LDPM;
  • Classification of substances and mixtures according to the Ministry of Health decision (Dz. U. Nr 174 par. 1222 from 2007);
  • Explosion risk assessment at workplaces, classification of hazardous areas into zones according to Polish law;
  • Evaluation of registration dossiers (reports) for pesticides regarding test methods used, UE classification proposed, transport and trade requirements.

We workout:

  • Material Data Sheet and other documents required for production, use, trade and transportation;
  • Safety Standards providing consultation, advising, and author care;
  • Opinion on transport, storage and packaging standards;
  • Expertise Report on safety of chemical processes;
  • Expertise Post-accident Report ( explosion, fire, failures).

We offer our expertise at:

  • Chemical process safety;
  • Safety handling of dangerous chemicals;
  • Safety transportation of dangerous chemicals.

Institute of Organic Chemistry

Annopol 6
03-236 Warsaw Poland