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International procurement for clinical trials

  • Independent market analyses, pricing research and feasibility studies prior to planned trials.
  • Supply of reference products, emergency, supplementary and background medications,
    and medical devices.
  • Procurement of drug samples to be used in research for use in small quantities.
  • The Komtur NETAPO® DATABASE SYSTEM facilitating the worldwide search
    for reference medications.
  • Supply scenarios tailored to trial requirements and project terms defined by the customer,
    backed by general, service and supply agreements.
  • Secure supply chains in terms of product availability, certified suppliers,
    product identity and continuous recall monitoring.
  • Option to negotiate special production and documentation (CofA, MSDS, CoC etc.) on the basis
    of a network of contacts with various manufacturers and stakeholders built over several decades.
  • Temperature control for shipments and storage worldwide adhering to GDP and GMP standards
    using active and passive cooling systems; in the case of clinical trial supplies documentation
    is an integral part of the contract.

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