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Homepage: specializes in the design and synthesis of biologically active compounds possessing mainly antimicrobial activity (peptide antibiotics, disinfectants). The company also deals with the design of new procedures of synthesis and separation of chemical compounds as well as conformational studies of peptides. We also take part in counseling covering the design of peptide synthesis on laboratory and semi-industrial scale. supplies chemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical laboratories with synthetic oligo- and polypeptides. The company closely cooperates with academic staff in order to design the procedures which are environmentally friendly.

We also offer equipment suitable for pharmacies such as centrifuges, laminar chambers (pharmaceutical compounding chambers), magnetic stirrers, analytical scales, laboratory dryers, pharmaceutical blenders, containers for ointments and pharmaceuticals, venting systems and systems for water treatment.

The company sells new as well as used high performance liquid chromatographs (HPLC), accessories, spare parts and tools via internet service Additionally, we also offer servicing of HPLC equipment.