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Mabion SA

Fabryczna 17
90-344 Łódź
main phone: +48 42 29 08 210
Main email:
Mabion SA

Mabion SA is a leading Polish biotechnology company which has been established to introduce to the market the latest generation of drugs based on humanized monoclonal antibodies.

This technology, self-developed in Mabion, is a high-tech on the highest world level. The process of humanization of monoclonal antibodies, which is the topmost achievement in the present biotechnology, enables production of targeted drugs that act specifically resulting in better effectiveness and lower toxicity of the therapy.
Mabion has beed established in March 2007 by four domestic pharmaceutical companies: Celon Pharma from Łomianki, one of the leading manufacturer of oncology drugs in Poland, Polfarmex from Kutno, which is the national leader on the market of prescription drugs, IBSS Biomed from Kraków, the biggest in Poland and significant in Europe manufacturer of vaccines, Genexo from Warszawa, working on the market of medical drugs and products, mainly in the field of diabetology. Mabion was also founded by two companies focused on biotechnological research and development: BioCentrum i Biotech Consulting.

Over the past few years Mabion has gained the ability to produce free-form biotechnology drugs starting from the design step, through the selection of a manufacturing platform and technology, to obtaining the final product. Currently in its laboratory in Łódź the company is working on research and development of several biotechnology drugs applied in the treatment of cancer and metabolic disorders.

In 2010 Mabion entered the NewConnect market on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, rising 22,8 mln PLN (about 6 mln Euro) from the IPO. Whole amount has been allocated for the upscaling of drug production to enable conducting clinical trials. Mabion is also planning a debut on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.