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Medistyl, Ltd.

Michelska 12a/18
14-501 Prague
Czech Republic
main phone: +420 241 492 651
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Medistyl, Ltd.

Central European Information Centre MEDISTYL provides comprehensive information and consulting services on field of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industry.

Medistyl is representative of STN International for Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. This unique source of information is widely used for information retrieval of scientific and patent information, especially for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, veterinary and chemical industry. As a neutral platform STN provides access to a broad range of databases from the most renowned database producers worldwide. This online database service provides global access to published research, journal literature, patents, structures, sequences, properties, and other data.

STN integrates the world''s largest and most important value-add and first level patent databases on one platform. The unsurpassed collection of essential sci-tech and medical databases on STN covers a wide range of topics. In addition, STN provides the largest repository of publicly available bio-sequence information from patents and the journal literature. With STN, find precisely the patent and sci-tech information needed to make business-critical decisions.

Medistyl also provide own service of monitoring of local medical and pharmaceutical journals in Central Europe. This service covers more than 200 scientific journals in 6 countries.

We are also producers of chemical databases (more than 8.700 substances) which are used for different purposes - transport safety, toxicology, MSDS, classification and so on. Due to our liable and experienced employees we offer broad range of information services in Central Europe for 20 years.

Our offer is:

- information retrieval from worldwide and local databases

- access to STN

- patent searching

- sequence searching

- local scientific journals monitoring

- pharmacovigilance, regulatory and medical writing services