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Pharmacelsus GmbH

Science Park 2
66123 Saarbruecken
main phone: +49 681 3946 7510
Main fax: +49 681 3946 7511
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Pharmacelsus GmbH

Pharmacelsus is a GLP certified preclinical contract research organisation providing the pharma and biotech industry with a wide range of biological, pharmacological, bioanalytical as well as customized services for drug discovery and development. It is our mission to increase the outcome and accelerate your drug discovery & development projects. Our service portfolio encompasses:

  • ADME & in vitro characterisation / Discovery Lead Optimisation Services
    Pharmacelsus offers a variety of in vitro tests for the physico-chemical and ADMET characterisation of test items in drug discovery.
  • Pharmacokinetics & in vivo Pharmacology
    - Single Compound PK Studies
    - PK/PD studies
    - Cassette Dosing Studies
  • Bioanalytical Services
    Determination of test item and/or metabolite concentrations in biological matrices (blood, urine, tissue) by means of LC-MS/MS
  • Target Based Bioassays
    Due to professional experience the Pharmacelsus team is skilled in a profound knowledge in the fields of steroid endocrinology and metabolic syndrome (diabetes & obesity).
  • in vitro testings for targetfinding & biological profiling
    We designed a cytotoxicity / toxicology testing battery to assess safety and efficacy and to identify potential risks early in the drug development process.
  • Regulatory Support

The Pharmacelsus team provides the strategic development planning and execution necessary to advance promising compounds and concepts into clinical testing. High scientific expertise, flexibility and an open mind - that is the Pharmacelsus spirit.

Some of your benefits:

- Reliable data because of well-established systems since more than 12 years!

- Experienced multidisziplinary team of pharmacists, biologists, chemists and veterinarians able to handle complex studies!

- Secure webspace with password protected access available for quick retrieval of your data!

- And many more!

Our scientific integrity is your advantage! We invite you to have a look on our current service portfolio. If you are interested in more informations, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to supporting your projects!