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PharmaHungary Group

Záhony street 7
H-1031 Budapest
Main fax: +36 1 2422249
Main email:
PharmaHungary Group

Pharmahungary is an innovative preclinical (nonclinical) and clinical R&D company providing contract research and offering some early-stage novel technologies:

  • innovative and cost-effective preclinical (nonclinical) CRO focusing on cardiovascular (infarction, heart failure, stroke, sepsis, arrhythmias, etc) and metabolic diseases (diabetes, dyslipidemia, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, obesity, uremia, etc) with strong scientific support
  • clinical CRO focusing on unique clinical studies including medical devices that need sensitive patient population and thereby strong regulatory & scientific support
  • Pharmahungary manages internal preclinical (nonclinical) R&D projects to develop new technologies in the fields of diagnosis and therapy of cardiovascular diseases. Some projects are open for out-licensing or co-development.

Our innovative R&D solutions (InnoRD™) reduce the cost and the duration of your preclinical (nonclinical) and clinical project.

To reduce costs and speed up your drug development projects, the best way is to outsource your preclinical (nonclinical) and clinical studies to a cost effective preclinical (nonclinical) & clinical CRO.

Pharmahungary Group is more than a CRO: your creative preclinical (nonclinical) and clinical research team.