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Pure Biologics s.c.

Klecinska 125
54-413 Wroclaw
main phone: +48 783 341 348
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Pure Biologics s.c.

Pure Biologics engages the newest biotechnologies to produce high quality, catalog and custom ordered, recombinant proteins. Our company specializes in custom recombinant monoclonal antibody selection service against any macromolecular target. Aside from the protein production and purification, Pure Biologics offers a broad spectrum of analytical services ranging from protein characterization through mass analysis, conformational stability determinations, binding kinetics measurements to bioinformatics. Products Pure Biologics provides growth factors, polymerases, proteases, signaling proteins, and protein research related reagents.

Contract Research Services

Complete gene-to-protein service. Starting from sequence optimization and vector construction, through biomass production to delivering pure protein product of high homogeneity. Bacterial and mammalian expression platforms are available. The company also offers immobilization of proteins to resins and conjugation of proteins to the probes (e.g biotin, fluorescence);

-SELECTION OF ANTIBODIES AGAINST CUSTOM TARGET FROM PHAGE DISPLAY LIBRARIES Selection and characterization of tight binding recombinant antibodies against custom antigens from scFv libraries, reformatting to other types (Fab, scFv dimer, IgG), drugs and probes conjugation.

Mass spectrometry protein identification and analysis (ESI and MALDI), protein stability determinations (CD, fluorescence, DSC calorimetry), endotoxin measurement (LAL assay), analytical size exclusion chromatography, aggregation analysis by Dynamic Light Scattering, protein folding screens.

Protein-protein and protein-ligand interaction studies (Kd, Ka, n, Bmax, deltaH, deltaS) by SPR (BIAcore), ITC calorimetry, fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization, spectroscopy, co-immunoprecipitation

Binding characterization (on and off rate constants, equilibrium binding constant), enzyme steady state kinetics (Km, Vmax, kcat), inhibition characterization, type of inhibition (IC50, Ki)

FACS analysis
Generation of stable transfectants in mammalian cell lines,

Various formats and methodologies