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Quretec Ltd

Ülikooli 6a
51003 Tartu
main phone: + 372 7309 508
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Quretec Ltd

Quretec focus
Quretec builds software for collection, management, and analysis of complex data, most typical in biomedical domain. The solutions are generic and can be used for multitude of uses and application domains.

Quretec Ltd. was established in 2006 as a software company building upon unique skills in data management solutions since 2002. The team was established as an IT department of EGeen, a venture that started with a goal to collect and analyze the DNA samples of the Estonian population for drug discovery and personalized medicine development purposes. EGeen has evolved into a clinical research organization (CRO) providing clinical research services in Baltics and Ukraine.

Qure Data Management software platform can be used for collection, handling, and analysis of data under high quality, security, and robustness requirements. Platform allows rapid deploying of complex studies and statistical surveys, questionnaires, rich metadata (including file attachments), etc. Often the full IT solutions can be built using existing software by merely designing the data models and descriptions, and configuring the software, instead of slow and painstaking programming efforts. In many more cases the software can act as a means of building rapidly deployable functional prototypes that would act as a basis for planning specifically tailored solutions and user interfaces.

Quretec team consists of 19 highly skilled professionals covering expertise in Java frameworks, Delphi, and other programming languages; web and xml; security, databases (SQL, Hibernate...), statistics, data visualization and analysis. Scientific know-how of the team covers data mining and algorithm development, medical- and bioinformatics, data security, and statistics.