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Conjugate synthesis and tagged proteins preparation

Czech Republic

VIDIA spol. s r.o. has long-time experience in the field of various biologically active proteins, particularly with immunoglobulines (antibodies). Substances are analyzed by common analytical methods, like gel electrophoresis, spectroscopic methods, or immunoblotting. It is possible to involve other immunochemical methods, e.g. ELISA or SPR (surface plasmon resonance). The substances are delivered either freeze-dried or in appropriate buffer solution; it is possible to ask for customer specified single-dose packages.

Antigen conjugates for immunization and for in vitro experiment

Haptens:                 – peptides

                     – polyaromatic hydrocarbons

                     – steroids

                     – various sort of organic pollutants

Tagged proteins      – biotinylated

          – fluorescently labelled

Tagged antibodies  – fluorescently labelled

          – enzyme labelled


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