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Synthetic peptide synthesis and aptamers preparation

Czech Republic

VIDIA spol. s r.o. offers the synthesis of peptides with the chain length from 2 to 40 amino acid moieties in demanded purity. The certificate for each delivered substance includes HPLC purity report and mass spectrometry structure confirmation. For the peptide synthesis the recent technologies in the art are used, like automatic peptide synthesizer, microwave device and modern HPLC systems.

Usual amount of synthetised peptide is 5 to 100 mg, by mutual consent up to 1g.


Synthetic peptides  – chain lenght 2-40 amino acids

      – with chromogenic label

      – with fluorogenic label

      – biotinylated peptides

      – protected peptides

      – cyclic peptides

      – phosphorylated peptides

      – cystein modified peptides


VIDIA spol. s r.o.

Nad Safinou II č. 365, Vestec
252 42 Jesenice u Prahy Czech Republic