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Pre-clinical virus safety testing


ViruSure is a contract research organization (CRO) based in Vienna. We offer pre-clinical virus safety testing for clients worldwide.  Our in vitro Testing facility and our Animal facility are GMP and GLP certified.                                              

All studies are conducted in compliance with the guidelines of  ICH, OECD and FDA

Our service offers include:

  • Virus & Prion Clearance Studies
    - Human plasma products
    - Recombinant products
    - Animal derived products
  • Virus safety testing
    - In vitro adventitious agent testing
    - In vivo adventitious agent testing
    - qPCR assays
    - Specific virus tests
    - Generic tests (i.e. PCR enhanced RT assay)
  • In vivo Tumorigenicity/Oncogenictiy Studies
  • Cell Banking (e.g. CHO, Vero, MDCK, Hybridoma cells)
  • Cell Line Characterization
    (in vitro and in vivo adventitious agent testing. Sterility & Mycoplasma, Electron Microscopy, PERT, Bovine and Porcine virus testing, Specific PCR´s for virus detection)
  • Consulting Service, Risk Assessment

ViruSure GmbH

Tech Gate, Donau City Str. 1
A-1220 Vienna Austria