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 BIOATLAS - The integrated source of molecular biology products - the interview with the co

BIOATLAS - The integrated source of molecular biology products - the interview with the company's CEO, Lauri Koorits

Publish date: 2013-02-19

Bioatlas, the Estonian biotechnology company, is a very dynamically developing enterprise, providing high quality molecular biology product. Its mission is to establish the portfolio of molecular biology reagents, thus allowing researchers to find all they need for their work in one place. The CEO of Bioatlas, Lauri Koorits, tells us about the company, its development and plans for the future

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1. The variety of the products you offer is impressive. Which of them is the most popular amongst your clients? What is its competitive advantage?

Yes, indeed we have quite wide selection of PCR reagents in our offering. We have been on a market over 6 years now and our goal has been every year to introduce some new products. This year, we have also in our pipeline several new ones. Unfortunately, it is too soon to name the products at the moment. One of our bestselling products in 2012 was Atlas HotTaq DNA Polymerase. This enzyme is a key component in a variety of biotechnology kits on the market and also widely used in different labs around the world. Our main feedback concerning this enzyme is that it is very easy to use. PCR results are solid and consistent. Bands of gel image are always very full and rich. Also this enzyme is very stable and can be shipped or stored for 2 weeks on room temperature without any loss of its functionality.


2. What was the stimulus to set-up the company? How did you manage to organize the required capital? Have you encountered any problems at the beginning of your activity?

The main reason for starting Bioatlas was to give an output for local scientists and also an export channel for local manufacturers. We are using the ideas of scientists and help to test and get feedback from the market.  The progress of the company has been slow but constant as we have built the company on our own capital. We did not use a lot of external guidance and relied on the knowledge of our own people. A lot of issues we have sorted out ourselves and learnt from our own mistakes concerning partnerships, marketing and etc.


3. What is a key to the success of Bioatlas? How did you find a niche on the market? Is it Estonia, CEE or you target mainly Western countries?

I would say the key to success has been the people who work here and also close relations with our distributing partners. Most of people at Bioatlas are the same as 5 years ago. It is constant work and setting higher and higher goals. Bioatlas is mostly offering OEM service and we have made it easy as possible for our partners. We are offering the full service with the design of the materials. Most of our turnover is coming from different European countries (mostly Germany, Italy and etc.). Our sales activities in Estonia are marginal. All together Bioatlas has sold its reagents during 6 years of activity to 31 different countries around the world.


4. Are you still looking for new distributors? What are your plans for the nearest or further future?

For the time being we have around 30 partners. We will add a full list of our distributors to a website soon. Unfortunately we can´t make public the names of our OEM partners as these contracts are classified. We are constantly looking for new distributors and OEM resellers around the world.  At the moment our main goal is to enter the markets of UK and USA. 

5. What do you think about the development of life-sciences in Estonia? Are there any limiting factors of the development? How do you see the market of biotech companies in Estonia in the future?

Sometimes the fact that Estonia is a small country can be an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. All together the development of life-sciences as so many other fields in Estonia has been impressive taking into consideration the starting point after collapse of the Soviet Union. The main factor that is limiting the development is in my mind the lack of cooperation between different companies, institutes and scientists.


6. Have you heard about Bioforum? What do you think about this event? If not, how do you feel the idea of consolidating the Central and Eastern European bio innovative sector? (

I have heard about Bioforum but never attended any event. I do not exclude the possibility of doing it in the future.


More info about Bioatlas can be found on the company's website:


Jakub Chrustowicz


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