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"Leading expertise in clean air technology" - the interview with Iris Haikka, Sales Manager

"Leading expertise in clean air technology" - the interview with Iris Haikka, Sales Manager of Kojair Tech Oy

Publish date: 2013-04-08

In today’s interview, we would like to zoom in the Finnish company - Kojair Tech Oy, which specialises in the development and manufacturing of microbiological safety cabinets. Iris Haikka, Sales Manager of Kojair, tells us a few words about the company’s history, development and products.

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1. Kojair Tech Oy is promoted as a company which specializes in superior expertise in clean air since 1969. What was the reason to start up the company? Was it a pure innovation, which was the response for unmet market demand? Who found the company?

The first laminar air flow cabinet our people were involved in, was designed for a Finnish pharmaceutical company. The representatives of the pharmaceutical company had seen something like it in the USA and proposed, if a company named Koja would be willing to design a cabinet like that. At those days, there was no company named Kojair Tech, just a department in the company Koja. Koja specialised in air handling equipment and industrial fans, and then one department was introduced to specialise in clean air devices.

2. What were the main challenges that you have encountered during development of the Kojaircompany?

During the four decades there has always been some or many challenges to win, starting from learning the technology to the very competitive situation on the market nowadays.

3. Kojair specialises in development, manufacturing and marketing of microbiological safety cabinets and other clean-air devices. Could you specify what your key product is?

Our key product is class II microbiological safety cabinet. We have a qualified staff and flexible productions of our own, so tailor-made products are our strength.

4. Who are your potential clients? Are you going to expand your cooperation with new distributors?

Our potential clients are laboratories practically of any nature, hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical plants, and food industry – every industry where you can imagine using unidirectional non-turbulent air to keep the area clean of air-borne particles.

We are constantly seeking new distributors, nowadays especially in Eastern Europe and Middle East.

5. What is your competitive advantage over the other producers of clean air technology?

Our competitive advantage is that we are small enough to be flexible to manufacture the product our client needs, but big enough to have the capacity to manufacture also standard equipment in large scale.

6. You are going to participate in the BioForum for the second time. What do you think about this event? Was it successful for you?  

BioForum seems to be quite an interesting forum for us to show what we have to offer for various laboratories and research institutes. I believe, the last time we were a bit learning the way of presenting ourselves, I hope this time there will be even more interest. As you know, it always takes several years to get the real break-through. But BioForum is organised in the area where we have special interest in, so we look forward to having a successful time in Hungary.


Thank you for the interview.


by Bartłomiej Kołaczkowski


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