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Spanish opportunities for CEE biosector - interview with Carlos Lurigados Delgado

Spanish opportunities for CEE biosector - interview with Carlos Lurigados Delgado

Publish date: 2014-04-25

Carlos Lurigados Delgado is Head of Entrepreneurship and Business Growth at Biocat. He is responsible for leading strategic projects that favor growth and consolidation of the biotechnology, biomedicine, and medical technology sectors in Catalonia. He shares his thoughts on cooperation between Spanish and CEE companies.

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Biocat is the organization responsible for coordination and promotion of life sciences sector in Catalonia. They aim to dynamize all the stakeholders in this area and their initiatives in order to create an environment with a strong research system, active transfer of knowledge and an entrepreneuring business fabric that can become a driving force for the country’s economy.


Carlos Lurigados Delgado

Carlos Lurigados Delgado will be a speaker during BioForum 2014 - an event gathering life sciences society from CEE and other parts of the world. It takes place on 28-th and 29-th of May in Poland. More details are presented on event's official website:


How do you think Spanish (and in particular Catalonian) companies from life sciences sector might benefit from cooperation with CEE region?

Carlos Lurigados Delgado: Life sciences sector is by definition global, and nowadays both internationalization and cooperation are critical success factors. From basic research through production and commercialization of new drugs or innovative medical devices, the entire life sciences sector moves in the international arena and the capacity of Catalan companies to act and compete in this environment is key to their development and future viability.

So, defining strategies of internationalization from the beginning, and identifying best partners which really add value to our company are crucial. Based on that, events like BioForum are totally aligned with the real and present needs of life science companies and help them increase their future viability.


What kind of business and/or research opportunities are you looking for in CEE? Do you think there is a potential to create beneficial joint ventures between Catalonian and, for example, Polish enterprises?

Carlos Lurigados Delgado: Finding strategic partners including companies, investors, and clinical and academic institutions is one of our main priorities. As the rest of CEE, Catalonia needs to accelerate innovation and foster transferring research and commercialization, and the creation of open innovation and knowledge networks which incorporates those partners from different CEE regions, including Poland, could be a good example of working in that way.

In fact, one of the Biocat’s priorities, as the organization that coordinates and promotes the life sciences sector in Catalonia, is to encourage Catalan companies and organizations to participate in international networks, forums, congresses and fairs, as is the case of BioForum 2014.


As a specialist in commercialization of advanced life science technologies, can you predict which research projects will have the greatest potential for creating successful start-ups in the nearest future?

Carlos Lurigados Delgado: Generally speaking, research transforms money in knowledge through scientific talent, and innovation transforms the knowledge in money through many kinds of talents and cooperation among them, producing a new product or service which solves real needs. Greatest potential projects will be those which are aligned to that premise, which means research and innovative projects addressed to solve real patient problems in a more efficient way. Patient focus and efficiency are already the goals and will be more and more in future.


What are, in your opinion, the most serious barriers for implementation of innovative solutions in life science sector?

Carlos Lurigados Delgado: Apart of mentioned in previous answer, from my point of view, there are two main issues that nowadays require special attention.

Improve efficacy in all the value chain of Technology Transfer; which includes processes related to getting closer companies and research institutions and foster effective collaboration between them.

Improve access to public and private financial instruments; by accessing programs as Horizon 2020 and RIS3 (Regional Innovation Smart Specialization Strategy), promoting local investors, or attracting international ones, and growing interest in instruments like the MAB, are crucial issues in improving implementations of innovative solutions in life science sector.


In what way do you think BioForum 2014 might benefit interests of Catalonian biosector?

Carlos Lurigados Delgado: BioForum 2014, as one of the biggest events dedicated for biotechnological, pharmaceutical and veterinary companies in CEE, is an excellent event to facilitate cooperation and internationalization among its regions and specially focus in Central and Eastern Europe.


What kind of topics will you focus on during your presentation on BioForum 2014?

Carlos Lurigados Delgado: I will introduce Bioemprenedor XXI: a program to support the creation of companies in the life sciences arena in the fields of biotechnology, biomedicine and agrifood promoted by “La Caixa”, Barcelona Activa and Biocat. It is a benchmark program in the emergence of projects and start-up of new technology-based companies in southern Europe. Up to now we have ran six editions on a year basis and just nowadays we are beginning the seventh; we have helped to create 51 companies and 232 jobs. We are very proud about these great indicators, and we want to share our experience with all of you as an example of a very effective tool to promote technology transfer and entrepreneurship.


Carlos Lurigados Delgado - the profile

Carlos Lurigados holds a Veterinary Bachelor and a post degree in Pharmaceutical Industry Medicine (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), a Project Management Master (La Salle - University Ramon Llull) and the Project Management Professional certificate (Project Management Institute PMI).

With more than fifteen years in Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies as a Clinical Project Manager, R&D Project Manager, and Project Office Manager, before Biocat he was linked to Hospital Clinic of Barcelona where he held several responsibilities such as Phase I and II Clinical Trial Manager and responsible of Biomedical Platforms for the development, valorisation and transfer projects based on Advanced Therapies, Bioengineering and Nanotechnology. Nowadays, as Head of Entrepreneurship and Business Growth at Biocat, he is responsible for leading strategic projects that favor growth and consolidation of the biotechnology, biomedicine, and medical technology sectors in Catalonia, especially those related to promote the creation and growth of biotechnology companies.


by Tomasz Domagała


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