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"Steersman through the non-clinical development path"  - the interview with Dr. Emmanuelle

"Steersman through the non-clinical development path" - the interview with Dr. Emmanuelle Cornali, Head of Business Development of Aurigon Life Science

Publish date: 2013-04-05

Aurigon Life Science is a full service contract research organisation offering optimized and tailor-made solutions from candidate to marketed product. With the experience of over 30 years in R&D area and having a multidisciplinary team of experts based in Munich and in Budapest, Aurigon is an important and competitive CRO in Europe. Dr. Emmanuelle Cornali, Head of Business Development of Aurigon Life Science tells us about the company’s past, philosophy and services.

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1. What does Aurigon mean? Does the name have any connection with the services you offer?

The Latin name Auriga means steersman. This is how we see ourselves. We listen carefully and work closely with our Sponsors to define the most appropriate non-clinical development path for their particular project. We invest all our energy and expertise to steer the projects to success.

2. Aurigon Life Science is a contract research organization dedicated to non-clinical services for medicinal products, food and chemicals in compliance with GLP or GMP regulations. What services do you offer?

With more than 30 years of experience and extensive knowledge in all aspects of pharmacology, safety and efficacy testing we offer the full range of non-clinical services including bioanalytical support of non-clinical and clinical ADME-PK and safety testing. Our multidisciplinary team in Munich and in Budapest has successfully managed many challenging and complex projects.

Aurigon invests in long term partnership. Over the years, we have assisted companies of all sizes from around the world to move their projects forward. We support clients for funding application as well as with expert scientific and regulatory guidance for the selection of the most appropriate strategy to achieve project milestones in a time- and cost-effective manner.

Additionally, Aurigon is known for the excellent quality of the results we deliver and we cultivate an open communication with our Sponsors.


3. What was the main challenge for Aurigon in the past 10 years?

During the past ten years the dramatic growth in the variety of products (small molecules vs. biologicals, ATMPs, etc.) challenged us to rapidly align our species panel, as well as our techniques to fulfill new demands and requirements.

It was also challenging to follow and absorb the increasingly changing regulatory environment and successfully translate it into the best study designs and protocols.


4. What is the most important in your way of working?

We cultivate interactive teamwork and a close personal collaboration with our sponsors via regular updates, high flexibility and transparency.

Over and above routine procedures, we are continuously implementing emerging techniques to meet upcoming needs.


5. Was the previous edition of Bioforum successful for you?

Aurigon has participated in the BioForum during the past few years. We especially appreciated the forum due to possibility of exchanging ideas and sharing experiences.  We hope that the event in Budapest this year will provide us as many good discussions and informative lectures as last year, also the opportunity to meet companies from the CE/ CEE region, which may result in successful future cooperation.

Thank you for the interview.


by Bartłomiej Kołaczkowski


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