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A TALEN(T) for treating leukaemia

A TALEN(T) for treating leukaemia

Genome editing with the use of TALENs – the artificial restriction enzymes – was employed for the world first time to cure acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. TALENs helped to modify T cells obtained from a healthy donor in order to beat cancer cells, remaining invisible to immune system and immunosuppres... Read more
Tags genetic engineering , gene therapy , T cells , UCART19 , acute lymphoblastic leukaemia , TALEN , genome editing
Gene therapy for eye diseases in 2014

Gene therapy for eye diseases in 2014

By David Gamero Ledo, Elżbieta Świętek & Klaudia Polakowska, Centre for Innovation, Technology Transfer and University Development, Jagiellonian University ... Read more
Tags gene therapy , eye diseases , eye conditions
Gene therapy in 2014

Gene therapy in 2014

The idea of gene therapy as a real therapeutic option began over 20 years ago. Since that time, there have been numerous moments of hope and disappointment that repeatedly changed the general opinion about this novel way of treatment. Today, together with advancements in human genomics, gene therapy ... Read more
Tags clinical trials , gene therapy , central Europe