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A TALEN(T) for treating leukaemia

A TALEN(T) for treating leukaemia

Genome editing with the use of TALENs – the artificial restriction enzymes – was employed for the world first time to cure acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. TALENs helped to modify T cells obtained from a healthy donor in order to beat cancer cells, remaining invisible to immune system and immunosuppres... Read more
Tags genetic engineering , gene therapy , T cells , UCART19 , acute lymphoblastic leukaemia , TALEN , genome editing
Human cloning finally available?

Human cloning finally available?

Almost everyone has heard about cloning sheep Dolly. This week, the team from Oregon Health & Science University announced, they had successfully repeated a part of this cloning procedure with human cells, obtaining a blastocyst. What does it mean to us? Should we treat it as a hope rather than porte... Read more
Tags stem cells , cloning , genetic engineering