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Scotland’s crop of contention

Scotland’s crop of contention

On 9th August the Scottish government banned a commercial planting of genetically modified (GM) crops. The decision raised protests in scientific community. In response, 28 research organisations have written an open letter to the Scottish Minister for Rural Affairs.... Read more
Tags gmo , Scotland , prohibition , GM corn
Agricultural biotechnology necessary for coping with climate change

Agricultural biotechnology necessary for coping with climate change

One of the most critical global challenges that people will have to face with are future effects of climate change, which have been widely neglected for many years and are sometimes still considered as “not our problem”. Agricultural biotechnology might be an indispensable tool for coping with such c... Read more
Tags biotechnology , agriculture , gmo , climate change
Europe: “GMO-resistant”

Europe: “GMO-resistant”

Countries all over the world, like USA, Brazil or China invest millions in development of genetically modified crops and widely place them on the markets. In contrast, Europe with the most stringent GMO regulations remains to be strongly skeptical about GMO cultivations. Is there any chance for chang... Read more
Tags europe , gmo