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Novel ways of struggling with flu

Novel ways of struggling with flu

Every year, numerous people all over the world need to be hospitalized because of the complications of flu. Despite many years of research, there is still a need of novel efficient medications. Hungarian researcher, Péter Horváth, together with Swiss scientists are trying to develop new method of str... Read more
Tags hungary , flu , capsid , virus , influenza
How to stop Ebola?

How to stop Ebola?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is to date the worst one with more than 1,200 people dead because of the infection. Although the virus has been discovered approximately 40 years ago it is still extremely hard to manage as no effective cure or vaccine... Read more
Tags virus , Ebola , epidemic
Fight with HIV by new methods

Fight with HIV by new methods

The team of National Institute of Health (U.S.) scholars has developed a new tool to recognize generally neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) with is able to prevent infection by the majority of HIV filtrates founded around the globe. It advances that could help speed HIV vaccine researches. ... Read more
Tags researches , virus , HIV